social media frequently asked questions

Anybody who works in Social Media will be able to tell you they get asked many questions on a regular basis. Some more ridiculous than others. This article will touch on a few of them and try to provide the answers you are looking for and a bit about how a Social Media Business will work for you.

Can/how do you make this go viral?

No, there is no real set formula for making something go viral. But above everything else making something go viral is about instant gratification. And unfortunately your Social Media Manager will have spent their time crafting a strategy to maximise growth rather than be relying on a simple viral piece of content.

Can you show me the return on my investment?

Yes, but the answer you are expecting is not the one you will end up hearing. A solid social media strategy is based on helping build growth in line with the overall aims of a business. It is possible to measure simply based on conversion rates. But your investment is also related to growing your brand, customer service and tracking the reviews/responses customers have for your company online.

Why do I need a social media team?

This is usually based on 2 options. The idea that you can either do it yourself, which you are more than capable of doing, in the same way that people can decorate their own homes or build their own computers. The difference is, most people won’t have the time to become as good as a social media company already is.

The other side to this is the idea you could hire an individual to directly run your social media. The reality is that the cost of this method would result in hiring one person at an average salary of £22-24,000, the starting price for most outsourced companies is around £400 p/m so less than £6000 per year.

Can this be posted now?

Of course we can. But if there had been some simple communication the content you want posting could have been fit into the aforementioned strategy. The content will then be more likely to succeed. And if you had let them know, they are creative people and will most likely have some great ideas how to utilise it across multiple platforms for best results.

Can you get me on every platform?

Again like before, of course. Social Media teams spend their time researching and working out ways to be better than everyone else. But there is method in all of the madness. Understanding how much content you have will be the first step in a team deciding how many and which platforms you would be best being on. Spreading yourself too thin will make your content run out quicker and result in your audience becoming disengaged.

Overall the big answer is always to have faith in your Social Media team, they have the experience and expertise to provide you with the best results. And if they are a good social media manager they will already understand the advantages to being in constant communication with your business.