Pokémon Go! has taken the world by storm. It has been officially released in the UK today, and has already reached more daily active users than Twitter. And this Monday saw it reach more time spent daily by users than Facebook.


Everyone from young kids to business men are spending their lunch times enamoured by this game. Discussing the best methods and there are thousands of articles online telling you how to get a Pikachu as your starter Pokémon.

Developers Niantic have hit onto a winning formula by mixing a nostalgic mega franchise with modern mobile technology. The use of augmented reality on mobile phones means that the dreams of seeing Pokémon in our own world has finally come true, sort of.

The game has been so successful that it has seen shares in Nintendo rise and add $7 billion in value to the company.

With the game still in beta and being tested for bugs consistently there have been issues and it has seen a raft of rumours arise online. However, the big news for businesses, if the game survives the initial honeymoon period is the way it can already be utilised for marketing.


Events are already popping up for ‘Lure Parties’ on Facebook, where people can hang out finding and catching the Pokémon that are lured to the event by an in game feature which can be bought for real life money, in the hopes the people there will then spend their money at the location. It is a fantastic marketing technique.

It appears this trend will continue for as long as the game is popular, which considering Pokémon originally came out way back in 1996 is very likely, with multiple forums online dedicated to talking about the original games.

With the latest Pokémon offering being a mobile game it also benefits from the ability to be consistently updated and changed which will create a whole new platform that is social media based.

Pokemon Go has been officially released in the UK today! (14/07/2016) Download it from the App store here!

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