image guidelines

We outlined why being online as a business was so important a few weeks back. This week we are telling you about the specific image sizes. Using these guidelines will improve your Social presence quickly and for the cost of a little bit of effort.

The world is very fickle. People will scroll and judge based on the little things. So don’t make that mistake and ensure that when they do judge your book by its cover, the images don’t let you down.

Each platform constantly changes their image guidelines and this is our most up to date pack of sizes for you to be the best you can.


Cover Photo 828x315px (advise 1500x500px) / displays at 640×360 on desktop / best results use an sRGB JPG at less than 100kb
Display Picture 180x180px / shows at 32x32px so on thumbnails
Shared Images 1200x630px / will appear at max width in feed of 470px / keep high resolution

You can find out more at the Facebook Guidelines Centre


Cover Photo 1500x500px / 5mb / JPG, GIF or PNG
Display Picture 400x400px / 2mb / JPG, GIF or PNG.
Shared Images 440x220px (2:1 ratio) / Max size not to be collapsed 1024x512px / 5mb for pictures / 3mb for GIFs.

You can find out more at the Twitter Help Centre


Display Picture 250x250px / max file size 100mb
Shared Images 497x373px display size / 2048x2048px max
Cover Photo 1080x608px / 2120x1192px max / 480x270px min

You can find out more at the Google Help Centre


Profile Picture 165x165px
Pin Sizes 238px / recommended ratio 2:3
Board Display 222x150px (large thumbnail) / 55×55 (smaller thumbnail)

You can find out more at the Pinterest Help Centre


Profile Picture 400x400px / 10mb max file size / JPG, GIF or PNG only
Background Image 2kx2k px / 1000x425px min / 4kx4k pxc max / 4mb max /JPG, PNG or GIF only.
Banner Image 646x220px min/ 2mb max / Landscape/ JPG, GiF or PNG/
The Hero image 974x330px/ 2mb max / JPG. GIF or PNG

You can find out more at the LinkedIn Help Centre


Cover Photo – Tablet 1855x423px / Mobile 1546x423px / TV 2560x423px / Desktop 2560×423


Profile Picture 110×110 / 1:1 ratio
Photo size 1080x1080px